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Village of Lannon

Village of Lannon
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Q: Are Fireworks Legal in Lannon?
A: The Village of Lannon has no further restrictions than the State of Wisconsin defines.

Wisconsin Statute 167.10(3)(a)


No person may possess or use fireworks without a user's permit from the mayor of the city, president of the village or chairperson of the town in which the possession or use is to occur or from an official or employee of that municipality designated by the mayor, president or chairperson. No person may use fireworks or a device listed under sub. (1) (e) to (g) or (i) to (n) while attending a fireworks display for which a permit has been issued to a person listed under par. (c) 1. to 5. or under par. (c) 6. if the display is open to the general public.