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Village of Lannon

Village of Lannon
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Municipal Court (Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month)
Please Note Municipal Court is February 13th at 5:00 p.m.
Ms. Kristine Sagert
Court Clerk
Tel  262-293-9233
Fax  262-293-9235
Mr. Hector de la Mora   
Village Attorney
The court clerk's position is part-time and phone messages are returned on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.  Your message should include your name, a phone number where you can be reached, and your question. Court matters are only addressed in court; there are no phone pre-trials.  Please know that it is your responsibility to inform the Court of any changes to your contact information/mailing address.
Payment must be received on or before your court date so that the alternative of license suspension or other penalties will not be carried out.
  *Mail a personal check, money order or bank check to Lannon Municipal Justice, PO Box 456, 20399 W. Main St, Lannon, WI  53046.
  *Cash payments in the exact amount may be made in person at the Village Hall, 20399 W. Main St., Lannon, WI  53046.  Please check on the website under the Village tab for the village clerk/treasurer office hours.
  *Online with a major credit card.  Go to the village website, click on the Municipal Court tab, and look for the GovPay link.  Please read all information carefully & enter the required information.  There is a fee for this convenience.  The pay location code for the Lannon Municipal Court is 9142.
IF YOUR LICENSE IS SUSPENDED FOR FAILURE TO PAY:  If you pay online you will need to wait 3-5 business days for the Court to receive the monies and report to the Department of Transportation.  You may check the Wisconsin DOT website to see if you are eligible for  reinstatement.  The Wisconsin DOT charges a fee to reinstate your license.  Your driver's license is not reinstated until you have paid this fee.
IF YOU CANNOT FIND YOUR CITATION LISTED FOR ONLINE PAYMENT.  The case may not have reached the court clerk's desk yet.  Please allow 7-10 days for the citation to be entered.  Or the case may involve a juvenile defendant.  According to law juvenile records are sealed, but you can make payments in person at the Village Hall, 20399 W. Main St., Lannon, WI  53046. 
Juveniles who are charged with non-traffic ordinance violations MUST appear with a parent/guardian on the assigned court date.