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Village of Lannon

Village of Lannon
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About Us

The Village of Lannon Police Department is dedicated to providing professional law enforcement services to our residents and visitors while always retaining our philosophy of "To protect and serve".
Our department is a part time department, assisted by the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department when we are off duty.
Our officers are dedicated to the highest professional standards and to the Law Enforcement Code of Conduct. We are blessed to have extraordinary personnel, combining experianced officers with some fine young officers who are dedicated to this community. We understand that we are not here just to "protect", but we are here to SERVE our community, and will do so to the best of our ability.

Department history
Lannon has provided for its own police department for over 50 years. From a low point of 3 officers who did not meet state certification guidelines, we now have a modern professional force.
Our officers supplement the Lannon Fire Department when they are in need of emergency rescue staff, with 5 of our officers being state licensed ambulance medical technicians (EMT).
We usually staff one squad car we keep for a 4 year period, and have one backup car that is retained for 8 years.
We also staff a Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle that is paid through community donations, not tax dollars. 
About our Administration-
Administration: 262-251-4930
Chief Mark A. Flessert 
          Lannon Chief 12 years
          Police Officer 29 years 
          Instructor WCTC       
Lt. Kevin Porter 
         Lannon P.D. 8 years 
         Retired Milw. P.D.
         Instructor MATC                  
Sgt. Steve Lesniewski 
         Lannon P.D. 4 years
         Police Officer 20 years
         Instructor WCTC
Sgt. Jeff Young
         Lannon P.D. 16years